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Teryl Oswald

Excerpt from Luck of the Draw

It was like that reporter had said. The luck of the draw. Her letter had been chosen from all the millions written.

Dumb luck. Amanda sighed.

She’d wanted a million dollars for her mother’s transplant and now she had an opportunity to earn that amount in only four weeks’ time.

A million dollars.

A million dollars to decide how to divvy up two-hundred-million dollars.

Could she do it? To the benefactor’s satisfaction?

A thought flitted through Amanda’s mind, skidded to a stop, and lodged itself on a fulcrum balanced between inspiration and effrontery.

“Mr. Franklin?” she said.


“If I want, may I keep all two-hundred-million dollars?”

He paused, and then blew out a breath. Shaking his head, he pursed his lips like a disappointed father. “Yes, if you can make a case that you are worthy enough, you may ask to keep the entire fortune. Remember – you only have four weeks to decide.”


Teryl Oswald