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My name is Kay Powers. I’m seventy-one years old, have all my teeth and most of my marbles. A year ago, my sister Marilyn and I moved into Harmony Hills Retirement Village because it has the best Memory program in The Midwest to help people like Marilyn, who has Alzheimer’s.

I spend most days hanging out with my best friends Vita Orsi and Audrey Campbell, both residents at “The Village” as we like to call our home. And there’s plenty to do. Seventy-five-year-old Vita likes to dirty dance in the Zumba classes with whichever man believes he has the stamina to keep up with her. Audrey’s peeking at age eighty, and advises the IT department on the latest computer technology and shares downloads of her favorite heavy metal bands. My goals are simple, take care of Marilyn, find a hobby, and solve Marvin Stemple’s murder.

Recently, Marvin died in his penthouse apartment at Harmony Hills. The Omaha police have ruled his death an accident. I viewed his stiff corpse prior to the authorities’ examination and I know he was murdered. Despite the warnings of handsome Detective John Vendetti, I will interview all suspects, and examine every piece of evidence. With the help of Vita, Audrey, and my mentors, Jessica Fletcher, Sherlock Holmes, and Ellery Queen, I plan to prove my case and bring the murderer to justice.

Teryl Oswald writes about our capers in the book, Still Kickin’. Check it out.

Still Kickin’ is the first novel in the Harmony Hills series set at an upscale retirement community in Omaha, Nebraska. Order it through your favorite book store, or online at Amazon.com or BarnesAndNoble.com.

Ask for Teryl’s books at The Bookworm in Countryside Village shopping center, 87th and Pacific Streets in Omaha, Nebraska.


Teryl Oswald